There's many benefits to equine sports massage therapy. Just like people, horses have muscles that need intervention every now and then. Some of the signs that your horse might be in need are: 


Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Strut on By a/k/a Teddy
Equine Holistics - Equine Sports Massage Therapy and its owner, Janine Jeffries, has been involved with horses for over 30 years. Janine is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (CESMT) and has treated hundreds of athletes from racing horses at the track to performance horses at the showgrounds to the trail horse at the barn and pleasure horses.
Equine Holistics - Equine Sports Massage Therapy provides the finest care for your equine partner. ​Serving North Texas.
I am a firm believer in equine massage for maintaining and improving my horse's overall soundness, both physically and mentally. Janine worked with my horse for several years, mostly to deal with her stiff stifles, but also because Teddy deserved it as she was an athlete and I felt she earned it due to all her hard work to please me, which she always excelled at. The horse I had before Teddy had, sadly, gone lame, and I always felt like if I had met Janine when I had that horse, she would have found problems, pointed them out to me, and treated them before they became permanent. The time to find and treat an issue is before it becomes chronic and massage therapy is a great way to accomplish that. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure ~ Benjamin Franklin. 

Michele Savoy Parente

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Inability to engage hind quarters

Shortened stride

"choppy" movement

Loss of subtleness, lateral work or bending

Stiff back, "Ticklish" when brushed

Tripping, daisy cutting

Carrying tail to one side

Stifle or hock stiffness

Falling in or out, drifting or leaning

Mistiming over fences

Ears pinned while being saddled

Overall attitude