About Me

I'm a horse lover. Aren't we all?

I spent most of my years growing up on the back of a horse. As I got older, horses were replaced by boyfriends and jobs. But not for long! In my mid 20's, I made horses a priority again. I cleaned stalls, rode and showed every chance I got. My horses became my life. Of course, during all that time I held a desk job career and had a family, but the horses remained a constant. Giving them so much attention and asking them to work so hard for me (which they always did!), I felt that they needed something more. When I worked out at the gym 5 to 6 days a week, I made sure I got a massage in just so I could go at it again the next day. I had my share of injuries and ailments and my horses did too, but I got the treatment, they didn't.

I started to realize that my equine partners needed this alternative treatment to stay healthy and perform at their best. When they got "worked on", I immediately noticed changes in their attitude, flexibility and they were happier to come out of the stall the next day without dragging their feet!

I made Equine Sports Massage Therapy a non-negotiable part of my regimen of horse care and have been practicing for 9 years now working with clients. I've worked on sport horses, show horses, pet horses, race horses and geriatric horses. They all benefited in a special way from this work. I've been able to calm them, help heal them and keep them at the top of their game! I'm thankful for the opportunity to have touched their lives.